Our programmes are led by our Consultant Clinical Psychologist and supported by our multi-disciplinary team.

While we are first and foremost a brain injury rehabilitation centre, for either acquired or traumatic brain injury, we also have continuing care beds for clients with complex care needs related to their brain injury.

Through a range of therapies, supported by our Rehabilitation Nurses and Consultant, we cater for rehabilitation of:

  • Acquired or Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Stroke

  • Encephalitis

  • Tracheostomy

  • Ventilated Clients

  • Guillan-barre

  • Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness (PDOC)

  • Mild Challenging Behaviour

  • Spinal Injury with Head Injury

Our Rehabilitation Team Includes:

Rehabilitation Nurses who assist and care for each client, providing medication and oversight of general health. The named nurse will work with the client to promote regaining medical stability, nutritional information, ability to self-medicate, promote continence and more.

Our Consultant in Rehabilitation visits the unit regularly to assess individuals and their progress and is supported by our General Practitioner, a specialist from a local surgery, who visits fortnightly to assess individuals, review medications and attend the MDT (Multidisciplinary meeting). GP visits can be arranged any time a client is unwell.





We manage the assessment and rehabilitation of emotional, cognitive and behavioural difficulties following a brain injury or neurological disease. This includes the implementation of person-centred psychological therapy interventions, cognitive strategies and behavioural management approaches.



We develop programmes to assist each individual to regain as many of their motor skills as possible. This may be by using specific equipment in our gym, or hydrotherapy (also known as Aquatic Therapy) is available for those assessed as benefitting from this therapy. This service is offered to rehabilitation clients in a local purpose-built hydro facility.  Our physiotherapists also look at postural positioning and splinting programmes of lower limbs.



Occupational therapy concentrates on maintaining clients’  range of movement of upper limbs and promoting ways in which they can be as independent as possible with activities of daily living, for example in preparing meals, shopping and money management. Our team are also involved in home assessments and discharge processes. Occupational therapists also look at splinting programmes for upper limbs.



As well as looking at communication and an individual’s capability to communicate their needs to the best of their ability, whether this is through augmentive devices or their ability to regain speech, our Speech and Language Therapist also works with individuals who have tracheostomies in situ and assess swallowing.

Additional Therapies

Music Therapy
Music therapy is valuable in a number of ways, from facilitation of movement and physical rehabilitation to providing motivation and emotional support.

Music can help to bring improvements in mood, communication and overall wellbeing. Our team use music therapy to create varied sessions to the benefit of each individual, and to provide an outlet for self expression and interaction.

Pet Therapy
Animals can have an incredible impact on wellbeing for individuals, and we enjoy regular visits from a range of Therapy Animals.

Therapy animals offer affection, enjoyment, entertainment and alternative opportunities example, the physical activity of petting or brushing a pet not only brings an emotional connection and boosts self confidence, but uses motor skills in a different way.

Importantly, Pet Therapy can break up a routine that might otherwise be focused on structured rehabilitation.

Additional Services

Dental Services
are provided by the NHS specialist department.

Optical Services
are provided by Visioncall who make domiciliary visits.

Enteral Feed Dietician Services
are provided by the community dietetic service, who visit and review enteral fed
individuals on an 8 weekly rotation (unless an earlier visit is requested)

“My brother suffered a major cardiac arrest and with their love, compassion and expertise he has reached a level of recovery that we did not expect. Thank you so very much to the amazing team.”

Sister of Resident

“This home is excellent in all areas, people are very caring, keep us up to date on progress. Nothing is too much for staff, very happy with them all.”

Relative of Resident

“I do feel safe that my [relative] is living here. Very much so. I am a lot happier that [relative] has better care here and the staff couldn’t be more caring.”

Relative of Resident

“At Stocksbridge family are just as much part of the care as the client is.”

Sister of Resident



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